Cut and Style  

Deva Cut $130
Women  $110
Men        $50
Children (girls) 1-10 $55
Children (boys) $45
Teens       $85


All haircuts and styling begin with conversation between you and the stylist.  We are specialized in Deva Cuts as well.  Our secret is that when you get home you will find that your hair is more manageable than you ever dreamed possible. Great haircuts are like that. They not only look good, they’re also easy to care for—leaving you with one less thing to be concerned about

Single process $110 Full Foil $225-$250 Partial Foil $190-$210 Few Foils $140 Glaze $65
Formadelhyde free Keratin treatment $300-350

 Balayage,  first became popular in 2014 and has stayed that way ever since. It’s ideal since the effect can be as drastic or as subtle as you want it and doesn’t require the insane upkeep of coloring all of your hair. So if you’re looking for a change, come at Juls so you can get your prettiest hair color ever.